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Blazer Barboza Is Making Headlines in 2020 ?

Many Celebrities spend there money on jewelry , cars and clothes. Cassius Ellison is one of the leading Music Industry Artist's who has chose to take a different approach, giving away over 200 can goods to the people in need in the Georgia area. Professionally known by his stage name Blazer Barboza is a conscious Rapper, Singer, A&r, Digital Marketing Manager of the Music Industry. He Believes giving is apart of why we have hands. After connecting with over 50 homeless people in Atlanta Ga his action lead to not only feeding a bunch of empty stomachs, but his impact made Headlines over multiple blogs through out the internet.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Blazer Barboza is a True Supporter of Dick Clark Productions

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Blazer Barboza steps on the scene with Dick Clark Productions. After spending a budget on over 150 tickets for the fan's who support the ACM Awards that will be set to air in September.

Blazer Barboza Sets the trend for the Future of Music

Find out what will be the Future wave of the music industry. Watch Blazer Barboza personal Complex interview with Brittany , also find out more insights on how to make a Top catchy song and how musician create there stage names.

Keith Urban Connects With Blazer Barboza in VIP

Keith Urban Believe’s That Blazer Barboza Album “Prince of pop” could be similar to country pop. After Urban release his news music for 2020 “God Whispers your name” he was set to host the ACM Awards which is set to air in September. The two were introduce at the rolling loud VIP viewing area. We’re Keith complemented Blazer Barboza on a track title “Vibe”. Urban is known for pop , rock , and country music and Blazer Barboza’s style’s of music consist of pop , r&b , and rap. With Keith Urban being one of the 23rd most popular artist in the world. Many fans around the globe are curious as to if this could lead to a collaboration for Blazer Barboza.